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In the era of economic demands and multicultural movement, marriages take many forms in the world. The purpose of this symposium is to examine the nature of marriages and families in various cultural settings. The symposium consists of four presentations tapping into today's marriages and families in five different nations (Russia, Canada, the U.S., and Thailand) with various populations (young-old couples, couples in cross-cultural marriages, and foreign-native Asians and their partners from Western cultures). Both qualitative and quantitative inquires will be pursued to address marital satisfaction, work-family balance, and harmonious integration between individualistic and collectivistic cultural values. The symposium's structure contains a general introduction, four research presentations, discussant's comments, and Q&A. The session highlights the changes in marriages and families in various cultural contexts in order to help mental health professionals to increase their cultural competence in working with couples and families in the changing world.
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