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Past extensive research on visual perception provide us with reasonable understanding as to how we perceive basic visual attributes, such as color, shape, motion and depth. Mere combinations of such basic attributes however cannot fully explain our perceptual experiences under real natural environments. Just by looking, we are able to estimate the objects' material properties (or Shitsukan in Japanese). Speaking more technically, by decoding complex high-dimensional information embedded in the image of the objects, our visual system is able to estimate the object's optical reflectance property (e.g., gloss), mechanical property (e.g., viscosity), physical condition (e.g., wet) and material category (e.g., metal). This symposium will introduce recent advancements in psychophysics about this marvellous ability of the human visual system, featuring three talks by Karl Gegenfurtner (Giessen University, Germany), Isamu Motoyoshi (University of Tokyo, Japan) and Shin'ya Nishida (NTT Communication Science Labs, Japan).
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