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A recent paradigm shift has occurred in terms of how the field of psychology addresses the issue of identity. Traditionally, the field has focused on investigating individual facets of identity, such as race, gender, or sexual orientation, as separate entities. However, a more contemporary means of conceptualizing identity involves a focus on how the various aspects of identity intersect and operate in tandem to inform how an individual makes meaning of his/her lived experience. This thematic session will bring together four researchers and practitioners who will discuss how to incorporate tenets of identity intersectionality in the teaching, practice, and study of psychology.

The proposed thematic session has three main learning objectives: (a) develop knowledge about identity intersectionality and its relevance to the practice and research of psychology; (b) offer tangible and concrete mechanisms for integrating intersectionality frameworks into one's practice and research, (c) increase dialogue about intersectionality in the profession.
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