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The purpose of this symposium is to examine the contribution of different cognitive (phonological awareness, rapid naming, morphological awareness, orthographic processing) and non-cognitive (home literacy environment, motivation) factors to early reading and spelling across languages varying in orthographic consistency. We will report the findings of four cross-linguistic studies contrasting interesting combinations of languages (Study I: Japanese children learning to read Kana and Kanji; Study II: Korean children learning Hangul and Hanja; Study III: The cognitive predictors of reading in Chinese and English; and Study IV: Literacy acquisition across five alphabetic orthographies). The findings of these studies are expected to indicate what aspects of early literacy acquisition are language-specific and what are universal.

Cognitive predictors of early literacy skills in syllabic Hiragana and logographic Kanji

[Speaker] Inoue, Tomohiro:1
[Co-author] Georgiou, George K:2, Muroya, Naoko:3, Oshiro, Takako:4, Imanaka, Hirofumi:5, Kitamura, Hiroyuki:6, Hosokawa, Miyuki:7, Maekawa, Hisao:8, Parrila, Rauno:2
1:Seigakuin University (Japan), 2:University of Alberta (Canada), 3:Tokiwa Junior College (Japan), 4:Okinawa Chubu Medical Treatment and Education Center (Japan), 5:Fukuyama City University (Japan), 6:Hokkaido University of Education (Japan), 7:Ibaraki University (Japan), 8:Iwaki Junior College (Japan)

Cognitive-linguistic skills and reading and writing in Korean Hangul, Chinese Hanja, and English among Korean children

[Speaker] Cho, Jeung-ryeul:1
[Co-author] Kim, Sang-mee:1
1:Kyungnam University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Does culture influence the role of distal cognitive processes on reading and mathematics?

[Speaker] Deng, Ciping:1
[Co-author] Wei, Wei:1, Das, J. P.:2, Tavouktsoglou, Athanasios:3, Georgiou, George K.:2
1:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:University of Alberta (Canada), 3:Concordia University of Edmonton (Canada)

Does orthographic consistency influence the growth of reading?

[Speaker] Georgiou, George K:1
[Co-author] Landerl, Karin:2, Desrochers, Alain:3, Manolitsis, George:4, De Jong, Peter:5, Parrila, Rauno:1
1:University of Alberta (Canada), 2:University of Graz (Austria), 3:University of Ottawa (Canada), 4:University of Crete (Greece), 5:University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

[Discussant] Parrila, Rauno:1
1:University of Alberta (Canada)

[Discussant] Parrila, Rauno:1
1:University of Alberta (Canada)

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