The Means-End Chains of Whistleblowers: An Application of the Laddering Technique

[Speaker] Park, Heungsik:1
[Co-author] Lee, Jaeil:1, Jeong, Joowon:2
1:Chang-Ang University (Korea(Republic of Korea)), 2:Georgia State University (United States of America)

How social support and sense of community mediate between social participation and subjective well-being in different age groups: Based on a mail survey in a suburban area in Japan

[Speaker] Sugawara, Ikuko:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

The Own-Race Effect of Chinese Kazak and Han College Students in Face Recognition: The Influence of Inter-Group Attitude and Inter-Group Contact Experience

[Speaker] Liu, Yang:1
[Co-author] Long, Changquan:2
1:Xinjiang Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Southwest University (China (People's Republic of China))

Please, steal my money! The psychology of Auction Fraud

[Speaker] Modic, David:1
[Co-author] Palomaki, Jussi:2, Anderson, Ross:1
1:Cambridge University (United Kingdom), 2:Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

How We Look at Problems: Social Class Differences in Sense of Control and Attributions

[Speaker] Daganzo, Mary Angeline A:1
[Co-author] Bernardo, Allan B. I:1
1:University of Macau (Macao)

Attitudes toward zou hou men: Effects of Type of Guanxi, Social Dominance Orientation and Right-wing Authoritarianism

[Speaker] Wang, Tulips Yiwen:1
[Co-author] Bernardo, Allan B. I:1
1:University of Macau (Macao)

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