Towards a comprehensive test specification for normative childhood fears: A conservation of resources perspective

[Speaker] Collings, Steven J:1
1:University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

Development of 9 captive chimpanzees-a longitudinal study reveals individual differences in cognitive, social and motor development

[Speaker] Kakinuma, Miki:1
[Co-author] Hatakeyama, Hitoshi:1, Tscuchida, Asami:2, Nose, Izuru:1
1:Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University (Japan), 2:Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)

Social support in resilience development process of disadvantaged undergraduate students

[Speaker] Wang, Ping:1
[Co-author] Liu, Dianzhi:1
1:Soochow University (China (People's Republic of China))

A Study on Selective Attention in Different Types of Young Electronic Game Player

[Speaker] Wei, Lanyun:1
[Co-author] Fu, Liping:1
1:Guizhou noraml university (China (People's Republic of China))

Theory of Mind Development Among Filipino Preschoolers

[Speaker] De Gracia, Ma. Regina L:1
[Co-author] Peterson, Candida:3, De Rosnay, Marc:2
1:University of Sydney (Australia), 2:University of Wollongong (Australia), 3:University of Queensland (Australia)

The Regulation Strategy Use of Guilt and Shame in Adolescents: The Moderating Effects of Self-esteem

[Speaker] Shiyun, Xie:1
[Co-author] Xingyi, Feng:1, Biao, Sang:1, Xinmei, Deng:2, Tingting, Pan:1
1:School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:Psychology and Social College of Shenzhen University (China (People's Republic of China))

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