A Longitudinal Study of Happiness Among Students from 6th to 9th Grade

[Speaker] Cao, Fei:1
1:none (China (People's Republic of China))

Retrospective Perceptions of Academic Success Among Undergraduate Students

[Speaker] Bahak, Hana:1
1:Open University Israel (Israel)

Omani Teachers Burnout Levels of in relation to Teachers Collective Efficacy Beliefs

[Speaker] Aldhafri, Said S:1
1:Sultan Qaboos University & Thre Research Council (Oman)

Effect of the learning process on school-to-work transition.

[Speaker] Shiah-hou, Hsin-peng:1
[Co-author] Tsai, Chin-lun:2, Lin, Linting-chun:1
1:Dept. of Business Administration, Fu Jen Catholic University. (Taiwan), 2:Department of Psychology, Fu Jen Catholic Universit (Taiwan)

Developing a Short Version of the Teachers Perceived Collective Efficacy Scale

[Speaker] Alrajhi, Marwa N:1
[Co-author] Aldhafri, Said S:1,2, Alkharusi, Hussain A:1, Albusaidi, Saleh S:1, Al Kharusi, Badar H:3, Ambusaidi, Abdullah K:1, Alhosni, Khoula Z:3
1:Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), 2:The Research Council (Oman), 3:The Ministry of Education (Oman)

School performance after experiencing trauma: A longitudinal study of high-school academic performance after the Utoeya island shootings in Norway, 2011

[Speaker] Stroem, Ida F:1
[Co-author] Schultz, Jon-håkon:1, Wentzel-larsen, Tore:1,2, Dyb, Grete:1,3
1:Norwegian centre for violence and traumatic stress studies (Norway), 2:Centre for child and adolescent mental health, Eastern and Southern Norway (Norway), 3:Institute of clinical medicine, University of Oslo (Norway)

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