July 26, 2016 08:30 - 10:00

Men's body image and body satisfaction--Influence on loneliness and implication for men's mental health

[Speaker] Hubach, Randolph D:1
[Co-author] Miller, Bridget M:1, Currin, Joseph M:1, Croff, Julie M:1, Jayne, Chris:1
1:Oklahoma State University (United States of America)

Drugs and Higher Education Students Beliefs

[Speaker] Martins, Maria José D.:1
[Co-author] Costa, Beatriz:1
1:Polythecnic Institute of Portalegre (Portugal)

Validation of Modified Children Eating Behavior Questionnaire for Low-to-middle Income Elementary School Children in Urban Area of Indonesia

[Speaker] Kolopaking, Risatianti:1
[Co-author] Umar, Jahja:1, Fahmida, Umi:2, Firmansyah, Umar:3, Tresniasari, Nia:1
1:Universitas Islam Negri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (Indonesia), 2:SEAMEO-Reginal Center for Food and Nutrition University of Indonesia (Indonesia), 3:Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

Weekday Recovery Periods and Fatigue among Information Technology Workers: An Observational Study with Smart Tablet Fatigue Apps

[Speaker] Kubo, Tomohide:1
[Co-author] Izawa, Shuhei:1, Takahashi, Masaya:1, Tsuchiya, Masao:1, Ikeda, Hiroki:1, Hayashi, Norie:2, Kitagawa, Yuki:2, Yano, Mihoko:2
1:National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan (Japan), 2:Medical Room, C&B Group, Human Resource Division, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Japan)

What is really worth doing in worksite wellness, and to what extent: A Meta-analysis and insights from a dose value model

[Speaker] Van Wyk, Hanlie:1,2
1:UNISA (United States of America), 2:Habits at Work Performance Actuaries (United States of America)

Exploring the role of self-leadership as a personal resource in an integrated model of work characteristics and health-related outcomes

[Speaker] Seubert, Christian:1
[Co-author] Hornung, Severin:1, Glaser, Jürgen:1
1:University of Innsbruck, Austria (Austria)

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