The matching relationship between competency and growth pattern of Chinese state-owned entrepreneurs

[Speaker] Chen, Hui:1
1:School of Economy and Management, Beijing University of posts and telecommunications (China (People's Republic of China))

Mobbing and Burnout in the Service Sector: Psychometric and Empirical Findings from Colombia, Costa Rica, and the USA.

[Speaker] Gutiérrez Doña, Benicio:1
[Co-author] Alvarado, Guiselle:1, Arévalo, Douglas:1, Herrera, Fabián:1, Mora, Esteban:1, Quesada, Kathia:1, Rojas, Cynthia:1, Rojas, William:1, Serrato, William:1, Ulate, Floreny:1, Vargas, Joaquín:1, Zúñiga, Ronny:1, Zúñiga, Ronny:1
1:Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Costa Rica)

The Bottom Line: Linking psychological health risks with productivity costs for Australian miners

[Speaker] Lacey, Sarah J:1
[Co-author] Street, Tamara D:1
1:The Wesley Research Institute (Australia)

A Study about Market Segmentation of Online Shopping Lifestyles Based on Augmented Reality

[Speaker] Xiaojun, Zhao:1
[Co-author] Xuqun, You:2
1:School of Education, Hebei University, P. R. China;School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, P. R. China (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, P. R. China (China (People's Republic of China))

Morals and Authentic leadership

[Speaker] Olsen, Olav K:1
1:University of Bergen (Norway)

Employee engagement enablers and behavioural indicators: Exploring the perceptions of diverse staff groups

[Speaker] Veldsman, Dieter:1
[Co-author] Coetzee, Melinde:1
1:University of South Africa (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

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