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Specifically stress-related disorders (such as PTSD, Complex PTSD, adjustment disorder, prolonged grief disorder) must be differentialed from other mental disorders and from normal, self-limited stress responses. In addition, WHO pointed to concerns about an overuse of certain stress-related diagnoses, especially among populations that have been exposed to a natural or human-made disaster. Thus, the ICD-11 proposals for stress and trauma-related disorders have been extensively reformulated in comparison to ICD-10 or DSM-IV/-5. The present symposium follows a preceding one at the 30th Intern. Congress of Psychology (Cape Town, SA, 2012). International research on the four stress and trauma-related diagnoses is presented by researchers from around the world: on PTSD and Complex PTSD from Switzerland, on adjustment disorder from Lithuania, and on prolonged grief disorder from China. Each presenter will give an overview on recent findings on the disorder(s) and present on studies on validity, symptom differentiation, or clinical utility.
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