≪Organizer Abstract≫
In 1987 Moritani,PhD recognized the significance of collage through Sand play
therapy(Hakoniwa Therapy)and subsequently introduced it into psychotherapy in Japan.
Since then it has been applied to various fields of clinical psychology and practice and
developed further. Both Sand play therapy and Collage therapy as types of art therapy share the same characteristics of using ready-made materials such as toys and photos. Sand play therapy actually needs three-dimensional materials such as a sand tray and miniatures, whereas
two-dimensional pictures and photographs are needed in Collage therapy. The techniques are very useful for clients who are not good at drawing in art therapy. Nevertheless, Sand play therapy requires a set of equipment that clinical establishments do not always have available. On the other hand, collage may be applied easily in any situation.
At this symposium, the potentiality of Collage therapy will be examined from various angles.
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