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As modern technology and culture flourish, traditional cultural strategies require adaptation and revision. This symposium includes three presentations: (1) The ecological group counseling for impulsive child and adolescence: An evidence-based program; (2) Children's strategies of coping with negative emotions; (3) Problems Gambling among High School Students, which address concurrent issues of child, adolescence, and family, especially mood disturbance, impulsive behaviors and problem gambling among Taiwanese/Asian Americans. Each presenter investigated key elements of these facing problems. The first presenter reports an evidence-based ecological group counseling program for impulsive children and adolescents. The second presenter will present some promising strategies of managing negative emotions in peer interactions of children in Taiwan. The third presenter will demonstrate the findings of problem gambling issues investigated by UCLA High School Grambling Questionnaires in San Jose, California. The results of these findings can be utilized as possible health promotion strategies among Asians/Asian Americans.
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