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Microcounseling was innovated by Dr. Allen E. Ivey and his associates in the United States during the later part of the 1960th .Since then it has been developed and translated into over 40 countries including Japan. The hierarchical model for skills training he has developed is considered to be a meta-model (integrated model) which is effective to use for various kinds of counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions. Also the core of the model, which is called "attending behavior/skills" is transferable, as basis to every kind of human communication in their daily life. That includes families, educational settings, social-medical settings, organizational settings, etc.
Microcounseling accepts the idea that individuals are unique and multicultural being developing towards well being. Therefore for its use ethical-cultural sensitivity is needed.
Speakers will talk about microcounseling each from their specialties and discuss it how they,as 'scientist-practitioner', can contribute to the wellness of the individuals/groups, and,then,to the society.
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