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A wealth of research evidence that has accumulated over the past 50 years indicates that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important variables in psychotherapy. Researchers are starting to investigate the mechanisms through which specific aspects of the therapeutic relationship contribute to change. This proposed symposium will focus on therapeutic relationship and related factors that have significant impact on the process and outcome of psychotherapy and draw future directions for science and practice of psychotherapy. Jacques Barber (US) will focus on findings from on the therapeutic alliance and other therapeutic factors. Mario Mikulincer (Israel) will focus on findings from attachment research. Yoshinobu Kanazawa (Japan) will discuss his research on the dilemmas and difficulties in therapeutic relationships. Finally, Shigeru Iwakabe (Japan) will be a discussant. The symposium of this nature contributes to building the empirical foundation of psychotherapy and moving toward the integration of science and practice of psychotherapy.
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