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The symposium aims at presenting a new view of social development-the dialectic approach. The dialectical approach challenges the fundamental assumption of the current view-i.e. the idea that development requires a common ground of meaning/attitude/values shared by members of community. According to dialectical approach, cultural differences are the source of development. This view is based on a cultural-psychological rethinking of the concept of social development, leading to innovative approaches to policy design.
The dialectic approach will be discussed at the light of the first results of Re.Cri.Re-an international research project (founded by the European Union-Horizon 2020 framework) aimed at understanding the cultural dynamics of contemporary societies for the sake of developing innovative approaches to policy design.
-4 Presentations. 1 and 2: Analyses of contemporary cultural dynamics. 3. Methodological implications for the study of cultural dynamics.
Presentation 4. Dialectical approach to social development. Theory and implications for policy-design.
-General discussion
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