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In the past, children's Theory of mind (ToM) ability has been largely examined using the standard false-belief tasks. In this symposium, we propose new paradigms to explore young children's ToM ability, with a special focus on the linguistic aspect of the tasks by using adaptations of the 'disambiguation task'. At first, Blin presents the formal model in linguistics which served as the base of one new paradigm (disambiguation task using proper nouns). Secondly, Norimatsu et al. present the results of ToM ability in using this "disambiguation task" with typically developing children. Thirdly, Guillon et al. compare data from the disambiguation task with proper nouns and the false belief task in autistic children. Fourthly, Doherty & Gollek present recent research on theory of mind and naming using another modified disambiguation task. Finally, Kozima will discuss these data from new paradigms, in crossing the linguistic and psychological approaches of ToM.
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