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Violence against women (VAW) has gained global attention. The need to understand contextual factors related to VAW is well documented, particularly among diverse and global communities. Successful assessment, prevention and intervention efforts with diverse populations require appropriate cultural tailoring using multi-level and multifaceted approaches. This symposium highlights theoretical, research and clinical insights gained from five global efforts to address VAW. Topics include: (a) an ecological systems approach to preventing sexual offenses against women in India; (b) an exploration of traumatic experiences of women living with HIV in the US; (c) reporting sexual assaults in the US given the influence of police-community racial tensions/mistrust; (d) mobbing, stress and burnout among nurses in Poland; and (e) sex trafficking among women in China. Presenters will provide an overview of their trauma-related topic, highlight specific insights and provide relevant implications. A discussant will synthesize the presentations and engage participants in an insight-oriented discussion.
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