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The visual phantom illusion is a kind of perceptual completion phenomenon, in which the partly occluded grating appears to continue across the occluder. Since the late 1980s, a long series of psychophysical experiments have been conducted by the researchers of this session, in close relation to the grating induction effect, a strong brightness contrast illusion, discovered by M.E. McCourt. Based on recently found perceptual phenomena and experimental results, we discuss visual phantoms as a phenomenon of surface completion which produces the modification of early visual processing dependent on perceptual organization. As an evidence suggesting the surface completion, a compelling new illusion (Phantom Induced Blindness, PIB) is introduced in which dots placed on the stationary inducing gratings perceptually disappear when the phantom gratings are perceived. Three vision scientists will introduce novel phenomena and data differentiating the visual phantom phenomenon from the grating induction effect.
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