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Although the process of aging and age-related issues are relevant to all individuals, the meaning and experience of aging vary across cultures (Iwasaki, Tazeau, Kimmel, Baker, & McCallum, 2009). The purpose of this symposium is to understand how cultural contexts affect individuals' views about aging and issues related to aging. The symposium consists of four presentations applying qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as literature reviews. Topics include: (a) psychotherapy experiences, (b) resilience and natural disaster, (c) the end-of life decision making, and (d) preferences for residency and long-term care. The symposium's structure contains a general introduction, four presentations, discussant's comments, and a discussion. By encouraging a dialogue between the presenters and audience, the symposium will highlight the client-centered approaches reflecting their voices and cultural applicability when working with aging individuals and their families from different nations and various cultural backgrounds.
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