A constraint-based representation of emotional attitudes in Toda's Urge Theory and its implications

[Speaker] Kaneko, Yasuo:1
1:Kushiro Public University of Economics (Japan)

Cognitive strategies and eye-movement patterns of experienced SL learners in vocabulary learning tasks

[Speaker] Izmalkova, Anna I:1
[Co-author] Blinnikova, Irina V:2
1:Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), 2:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

The effects of listener topic involvement in interpretation of emotion-descriptive metaphors

[Speaker] Oka, Ryunosuke:1
[Co-author] Kojima, Takatsugu:2, Kusumi, Takashi:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan), 2:Shiga University of Medical Science (Japan)

Are event units in Event Segmentation Theory subsumed under the concept of situation in Event-Indexing model in animation?

[Speaker] Kajii, Naochika:1
1:Hosei University (Japan)

Effect of auditory information on reading comprehension: Comparison of audio-visual presentaion with oral reading

[Speaker] Takahashi, Maiko:1,2
[Co-author] Tanaka, Akihiro:2
1:Japan Society for the Promotion of Science / University of Tokyo (Japan), 2:Tokyo Woman's Christian University (Japan)

Can nevtral activate NEUTRAL more than neztral? Evidence from masked priming

[Speaker] Marcet, Ana:1
[Co-author] Perea, Manuel:1
1:University of Valencia (Spain)

Mental simulation during comprehension of English and Japanese action sentences in English learners

[Speaker] Awazu, Shunji:1
[Co-author] Suzuki, Akio:2, Akama, Hiroyuki:3
1:Jissen Women's University (Japan), 2:Toyo University (Japan), 3:Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

Relations between the presence of an audience and dancers' emotions: A comparison of male and female dancers

[Speaker] Shikanai, Nao:1
1:Japan Women's University (Japan)

Flexibility of time-space association in the Japanese language

[Speaker] Mochizuki, Masaya:1
1:Nihon University (Japan)

The effect of the position of verb on shallow processing in Japanese

[Speaker] Fukuda, Yuki:1

Effects of Emotional Prosody on Processing Lexical Tones

[Speaker] Kao, Chieh:1
[Co-author] Tsao, Feng-ming:1
1:National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

How Students Comprehend Haiku: Through Understanding Elliptical and Figurative Expressions

[Speaker] Fukaya, Yuko:1

Factors responsible for word order in the case of Japanese noun phrases with a coordinate conjunction

[Speaker] Fujiki, Daisuke:1
1:Aichi University of Education (Japan)

Relationship between the mood and behavior in emergencies

[Speaker] Ueda, Mayuko:1
[Co-author] Wada, Kazushige:1, Usui, Shinnosuke:2
1:Safety Research Institute, West Japan Railway Company (Japan), 2:Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University (Japan)

The effects of relaxation music on GSR reactivity at youngsters

[Speaker] Mihaela, Chraif:1
1:Bucharest University (Romania)

Sex differences in the sensitivity to emotional face and context: An event-related potential study

[Speaker] Kato, Ryosuke:1,2
[Co-author] Takeda, Yuji:1,2
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan), 2:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (Japan)

Selective attention for happy and sad faces in the dot-probe paradigm

[Speaker] Akamine, Aki:1
[Co-author] Maeda, Eri:1
1:Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences (Japan)

The Speech-to-Song Illusion in Japanese

[Speaker] Ono, Asuka:1
[Co-author] Nakajima, Yoshitaka:1, Ueda, Kazuo:1, Remijn, Gerard B:1
1:Kyushu University (Japan)

The Effect of Cognitive Resource Allocation on Theory of Mind Reasoning in Second-Language Comprehension

[Speaker] Sumlut, Roi Sawm:1
[Co-author] Isozaki, Mikitoshi:1, Morishima, Yasunori:1
1:International Christian University (Japan)

A Cognitive Linguistic View on a 'classic' Freudian Interpretation: Ronald Langacker's 'Subjectification' and Ella Freeman Sharpe

[Speaker] Matsumoto, Yukiko:1
1:Health Sciences University of Hokkaido (Japan)

Relationship between emotional intelligence and cognitive cool and hot laboratory tasks: A systematic review

[Speaker] Gutierrez Cobo, Maria J:1
[Co-author] Cabello, Rosario:2, Fernandez-berrocal, Pablo:1
1:university of malaga (Spain), 2:university of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

Importance of a word in word recognition

[Speaker] Jincho, Nobuyuki:1
[Co-author] Fujikura, Shohei:1
1:Waseda University (Japan)

Bilingual advantage in Collaborative Problem Solving: The role of sharing similar languages

[Speaker] Lim, Tony:1
[Co-author] Yow, Wei Quin:1
1:Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore)

The time course and magnitude of Stroop effect in bilinguals

[Speaker] Chunyan, Mai:1
[Co-author] Xianyou, He:1
1:South China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Effect of audience awareness on writing to explain the content of the read material : a combinational study of reading and writing

[Speaker] Kashiwazaki, Hideko:1
1:Jissen Women's University (Japan)

Effect of intonation and content of spoken utterances on impressions of speakers' personality

[Speaker] Tajima, Keiichi:1
[Co-author] Aikawa, Masumi:1
1:Hosei University (Japan)

The effect of handedness and word-frequency on explicit memory performance and motor performance

[Speaker] Fu, Yuan:1
[Co-author] Serrien, Deborah:2
1:psychology department of the university of sheffield (United Kingdom), 2:psychology department of the university of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

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