The mechanisms of temporal and spatial cues of the BHI in Chinese carrier pilots approaching

[Speaker] Xuqun, You:1
[Co-author] Chang, Ming:2
1:School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, ChinaChinese Psychological Society,Beijing,China; (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China (China (People's Republic of China))

Affective states high in arousal modulate associative learning processes in latent inhibition

[Speaker] Sachse, Pierre:1
[Co-author] Campidell, Thomas:1, Furtner, Marco:1, Maran, Thomas:1
1:University of Innsbruck (Austria)

Developmental feature of the language use in the haiku composed by the children: Shift from a concept of living to a scientific concept

[Speaker] Minagawa, Naohiro:1
1:Naruto University of Education (Japan)

How does temporal order unfold in mental time line?

[Speaker] Yamashiro, Daichi:1
[Co-author] Hyodo, Muneyoshi:2
1:Graduate School of Letters, Chuo University (Japan), 2:Faculty of letters, Chuo University (Japan)

The effect of pre-existing memory representations on repetition-related N250r and N400

[Speaker] Nie, Aiqing:1
1:Zhejiang University (China (People's Republic of China))

A case study to promote deep understanding in history:Developing skills to construct causal comprehension through cognitive counseling

[Speaker] Suetsugu, Rei:1

Micro-expression recognition of patients with depression and their evaluation index

[Speaker] Yin, Ming:1
[Co-author] Chen, Xinyun:1, Yin, Ming:1
1:Department of Psychology, Soochow University (China (People's Republic of China))

Effect of time pressure on time-based prospective memory

[Speaker] Cegarra, Julien:1
[Co-author] Matha, Pauline:2, Rattat, Anne-claire:1, Valax, Marie-françoise:1
1:National University Institute Champollion (France), 2:Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France)

False memory for pictures and words: An explanation of false memory with memory strength of list materials

[Speaker] Shimane, Daisuke:1
[Co-author] Itoh, Yuji:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

The Effect of Visual Working Memory of Number Sequence on Spatial-Numerical Associations

[Speaker] Chen, Xianke:1
[Co-author] Tong, Biao:1, Zhao, Qingbai:1
1:School of Psychology,Central China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The right hemisphere advantage for haptic perception of length.

[Speaker] Saneyoshi, Ayako:1
1:Teikyo University (Japan)

Relationships between Reading Speed, Memory Performance, and Readers' Literary Response during Manga Reading

[Speaker] Saito, Ryo:1
[Co-author] Wada, Yuichi:1
1:Tohoku University (Japan)

Investigation on the model associated with students' observational learning in everyday life.

[Speaker] Tomioka, Naomi:1
[Co-author] Minagawa, Naohiro:2
1:Hyogo University of Teacher Education (Japan), 2:Naruto University of Education (Japan)

Extreme situations affect human behavior: A study to shed light on some aspects of human perception towards extremes

[Speaker] Sudo, Ryunosuke:1
[Co-author] Ukezono, Masatoshi:2, Hara, Yuki:3, Lauwereyns, Johan:1
1:Kyushu University (Japan), 2:Meiji Gakuin University (Japan), 3:KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc. (Japan)

Effect of reminiscence bump on arousal a feeling of nostalgia

[Speaker] Takigawa, Shinya:1
1:Kawasaki Univ. of Medical Welfare (Japan)

Investigation of test-related thinking styles among Japanese university students.

[Speaker] Nakagawa, Karin:1
1:Graduate School of Humanities, Hosei University (Japan)

Effects of location and presentation format of the secondary task on attentional boost effect

[Speaker] Horng, Ruey-yun:1
[Co-author] Fan, Ying-fang:1
1:National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)

The sense of agency can be modulated by the interaction between action optionality and valence of outcomes

[Speaker] Tanaka, Takumi:1
[Co-author] Kawabata, Hideaki:1
1:Keio university, Tokyo, Japan (Japan)

List-like presentation of remember- and forget-items in a same trial effectively demonstrates directed forgetting in rats

[Speaker] Tanaka, Chiaki:1
[Co-author] Taniuchi, Tohru:1
1:Kanazawa University (Japan)

The impact of meta-cognitive strategy instruction on intrinsic motivation - Focus on lesson induction and goal setting -

[Speaker] Akasaka, Kosuke:1
1:Sagami Women's University Senior High School (Japan)

Features of intellectual development and academic achievement at younger school age*

[Speaker] Ovchinnikova, Anastasia:1
[Co-author] Yukhareva, Vera:1
1:Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Navon letters processing affects cognitive style task performance

[Speaker] Hakoda, Yuji:1
[Co-author] Song, Yongning:2
1:Kyoto Women's University (Japan), 2:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Warmth and Coolness of Colors in Color-Vision Deficient Observers

[Speaker] Sato, Keiko:1
1:Kagawa University (Japan)

Effect of selective attention from emotional arousal stimulus on trait anxiety and habituation.

[Speaker] Masuda, Naoko:1
[Co-author] Sonoda, Naoko:2
1:Graduate School of Psychology, Kurume University, (Japan), 2:Department of Psychology Faculty of Literature, Kurume University, (Japan)

Attentional Priority for Special Interests in Autism and Neurotypical Passions

[Speaker] Remington, Anna:1
[Co-author] Parsons, Owen E:2, Bayliss, Andrew P:3
1:Centre for Research in Autism and Education, UCL Institute of Education (United Kingdom), 2:Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), 3:School of Psychology, University of East Anglia (United Kingdom)

A review of the relationship between academic resilience and academic self-efficacy

[Speaker] Kim, Jungha:1
[Co-author] Kim, Saetbyul:1, Lee, Seon-young:1
1:Seoul National University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Numerical discrimination of visual stimuli by pigs

[Speaker] Ueno, Ryousei:1
[Co-author] Taniuchi, Tohru:2
1:Ishikawa Prefectural University (Japan), 2:Kanazawa University (Japan)

The relationship between onomatopoeic words of luster sensations and high-grade feel of fabrics

[Speaker] Kondo, Aki:1
[Co-author] Yoshikawa, Megumi:1, Sukigara, Sachiko:1
1:Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan)

Motion perception plays a role in the Anti-Gravity Lens illusion.

[Speaker] Yanagi, Junji:1
[Co-author] Ichikawa, Makoto:1
1:Chiba University (Japan)

Top-down Disambiguation in Multisensory Binocular Rivalry

[Speaker] Kim, Sungyong:1
[Co-author] Kim, Jeounghoon:1
1:KAIST (Korea(Republic of Korea))

Does the auditory Stroop conflict processing relate to individual predominant perception and sensation system.

[Speaker] Hashioto, Midori:1
[Co-author] Ishii, Chikara:2, Konishi, Kenzo:2
1:Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University (Japan), 2:Kibi International University (Japan)

Analysis of cognitive process while waiting during ICT use

[Speaker] Niida, Sumaru:1,2
[Co-author] Harada, Etsuko T:2
1:KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. (Japan), 2:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Experiential information processing styles may relate to false memory production

[Speaker] Mukai, Akira:1
1:Takamatsu University (Japan)

Bayesian perceptual model of auditory Kappa effect

[Speaker] Chen, Youguo:1
1:Southwest University (China (People's Republic of China))

Curriculum Development in Programming Education for Elementary School Subjects

[Speaker] Kuriyama, Naoko:1
[Co-author] Saito, Takahiro:2, Mori, Hideki:1, Nishihara, Akinori:1
1:Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan), 2:Osaka University (Japan)

Examining a relation between the revelation effect and the criterion shift

[Speaker] Miura, Hiroshi:1
[Co-author] Itoh, Yuji:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

Does self-reference effect occur for subliminally self-referenced items?

[Speaker] Yaoi, Ken:1
[Co-author] Osaka, Mariko:2, Osaka, Naoyuki:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan), 2:Osaka University (Japan)

Mapping of combinations of spatial attributes to responses

[Speaker] Fujii, Yumiko:1
[Co-author] Morita, Hiromi:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

Close in My Perspective and Far in Others': The Effect of Change in Narrative Perspective on the Psychological Distance and Emotional Intensity of Autobiographical Memory

[Speaker] Gu, Xuan:1
[Co-author] Tse, Chi Shing:1
1:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

The effect of retention interval on recognition memory for central and peripheral details of an armed individual

[Speaker] Harada, Yuki:1
[Co-author] Mitsudo, Hiroyuki:1
1:Kyushu University (Japan)

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