A Research on Implementation of Entrepreneurship Competence Education of University Students in Shanghai

[Speaker] Che, Liping:1
1:USST (China (People's Republic of China))

Applying a Strengths-informed Multifaceted Approach for Supporting University Students with Learning Disabilities

[Speaker] Lan, Mei Fang:1,8
[Co-author] Kreider, Consuelo:2, Delisle, Anthony:3, Gorske, James:4, Wu, Chang Yu:5, Percival, Susan:6, Byrd, Charles E:7, Schoenfelder, Donna M:2, Schneider, Marcia:2, Mann, William:2
1:University of Florida (United States of America), 2:Dept. of Occupational Therapy, University of Florida (United States of America), 3:Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida (United States of America), 4:Disability Resource Center, University of Florida (United States of America), 5:Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment, University of Florida (United States of America), 6:Food Science and Human Nutrition Dept., University of Florida (United States of America), 7:Center for Assessment, Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Research (United States of America), 8:Counseling and Wellness Center, University of Florida (United States of America)

Research on sources of the vocational college student' job seeking anxiety

[Speaker] Wang, Jin:1
1:Nankai University (China (People's Republic of China))

Self-concept and achievement reading and non-reading among abused school children

[Speaker] Agha, Sajida:1
1:Isra University (Pakistan)

Forming a Responsible Personal Position of young people: Experience of the Eco-biological Centres

[Speaker] Vereitinova, Tatiana:1
[Co-author] Dmitrieva, Victoria:3, Mikhalyuk, Olga:3, Wazlawick, Patrícia:2, Schaefer, Ricardo:2, Namdi, Dana:3
1:Scientific Foundation Antonio Meneghetti (Russia), 2:AMF - Antonio Meneghetti Faculdade (Brazil), 3:St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Effects of utilizing textbooks in mathematics class: Textbook strategy use and students' belief about textbooks

[Speaker] Fukuda, Mari:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

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