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The symposium aims to evaluate recent empirical work and different theoretical approaches to the issue of delusion formation. It is sponsored by an ERC-funded project on the pragmatic and epistemic role of factually erroneous cognitions (PERFECT, 2014-2019). It is chaired by Dr Kathy Puddifoot (University of Birmingham, UK). Speakers will include Dr. Rochelle Cox (Macquarie University, Australia), Dr. Eriko Sugimori (Waseda University, Japan), and Ms. Rachel Gunn (University of Birmingham, UK), Dr. Kengo Miyazono (Keio University, Japan) and Professor Philip Gerrans (University of Adelaide, Australia), who will present different empirical and theoretical approaches to issues surrounding delusion formation. After the five brief talks, there will be a panel discussion during which audience participation will be warmly encouraged.
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