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Addictive behavior problem is serious public concern in Japan. Addictive behavior in Japan included alcohol use, drug use, gambling, Internet and game use, sexual behavior, and stealing. These addictive behaviors are preventable and treatable chronic conditions that affect a wide range of patient functions, physical and psychological health, social relationships and their environment (e.g., Rudolf & Watts, 2002).
However the treatment approach to Addictive behavior problem is not yet established in Japan. Meta-analyses confirm that group interventions are effective for a wide variety of psychological conditions (e.g., Oei & Dingle, 2008). Many researches found the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction (e.g., Gooding & Tarrier, 2009).
This symposium will seek to find the best practice for cognitive behavioral group therapy for addictive behavior problem in Japan. In the symposium, the challenges and clinical implications of the treatment approach to Addictive behavior problem will be discussed.
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