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The symposium will discuss potential psycho-social mechanisms behind "Karo-shi" (death from overwork) from a socio-cultural perspective, aiming to move toward the development of preventative policies. "Karo-shi" was initially only recognized as a phenomenon in Japan, but has recently been recognized in Korea as well. We think that behind this phenomenon exist a number of socio-cultural antecedents. We proposed a 4-level, 10-dimension model of work culture, and tested it across six nations (China, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States). In this Symposium, we will present our initial findings and discuss potential policies for prevention of "Karo-shi".
In the symposium, four participants from Japan, Korea, and the U.S. will present. Presenters and topics will be Prof. Kanai (Nagoya University) on working long hours; Prof. Laurence (University of Michigan, Flint, USA) on Work-Family Conflict; Prof. Sakata (Hiroshima University) on Leadership; and Prof. Tak (Kwangwoon University, Korea) on "Karo-Shi" in Korea.
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