Approbation of diagnostic assessment complex for professional deformation in athletes

[Speaker] Barabanshchikova, Valentina V:1
[Co-author] Kovyazina, Maria S:1, Klimova, Oksana A:1, Tikhomandritskaya, Olga A:1, Kovalev, Artem I:1
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

Three groups participated in the study - employees of different organizations with epilepsy, healthy persons and elite athletes (n=360). Based on obtaining data the diagnostic package which assessed the professional deformations was formed. The diagnostic potential of different psychological means was found during data analyze. New different characteristics of dynamic and operationalization aspects of program and control functions were found in epileptic patients by using computer version of WCST. These characteristics related with pathological activity centers of different localization and lateralization. Special eye-tracking methods allow us to reveal attention distribution in space and time during different complexity task performance. On the base of these results the degree of readiness to the decision making processes was assessed. All investigated characteristics provide us with the basis to approbate suggested diagnostic complex. The main aim of its application will be the differentiation of individual characteristics of professional deformations development in elite sport athletes.
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