Perception of oneself and personal characteristics of players in multiplayer online game

[Speaker] Ryumshina, Liubov:1
1:Southern Federal University (Russia)

In the present context, the role of online communication increases where one of its varieties are the group role-playing games. The aim of our research was to study the characteristics of the personality of players in different game chats of MMORPGs and their perceptions of themselves as subjects of virtual and real communication. To achieve this, we carried out a qualitative-quantitative analysis of the participants' chat messages and we also used personality inventories. The study involved 136 people aged from 18 to 34.
Results of the study showed that virtual communication gives more opportunities for players in the implementation of autonomy in decision-making, independence, self-confidence, leadership, persistence, which leads to differences in their perceptions of themselves as partners in the virtual and real communication. Being suspicious and distrustful in reality, players are more free, friendly and willing to assist others in the virtual world.

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