The Usage of Emoticons and Functuations Reflects The Users' Personality

[Speaker] Jiang, Shan:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Jijia:1
1:Department of Psychology,Renmin University of China (China (People's Republic of China))

Online Social media has become an important part of people's social life and thus provides us a great data source of personal discourse. Emoticons and punctuations are proved to be strong supplement of expressing emotions and attitudes in online social context. We presumed that the usage of these symbols could reflect the users' personality as emotions are highly influenced by personality besides context. For example, people who favor excalmatory mark and angry emticons may be more irritable than those who seldomly use these symbols. We collected data from 120 participants, including the frequency of each kind of emoticons and punctuations and their scores of Chinese Emotionality Scale (CSE) and Big 5. The results showed that there are some kinds of correlations between the use frequency of some certain types of symbols and the scores of some item scales of CSE and Big 5.
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