Personal characteristics of school teachers with varying degrees of emotional burnout syndrome

[Speaker] Satybaldina, Nazym:1
[Co-author] Berdibayeva, Sveta:1, Akhtayeva, Nadiya:1, Baishukurova, Anara:1, Kabakova, Maira:1
1:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

Objective:Determination of correlation between emotional burnout and personal characteristics of school teachers in Kazakhstan. In first phase of study the average level of emotional burnout was revealed among school teachers with 5 years of experience: 80.5 in control group and 157.6 in experimental group. Attributes of emotional burnout were strongly marked in the experimental group. Due to a scale of occupational stress high average values were obtained:19.3 in the experimental groupand 13 in the control group. The school teachers with high level of emotional burnout also performed high level of occupational stress. School teachers with severe emotional burnout expressed such personal characteristics as depression and paranoial accentuation. At the same time, there were not revealed significant statistical differences between samples of school teachers on such scales as hypochondria, psychopathia, hysteria, schizoid accentuation, psychasthenia and hypomania. In order to prevent psychological aberrations teachers were introduced with the methods of psychic self-regulation
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