The effects of autonomy support from university political instructors in China -A comparison with teaching assistants in Japan-

[Speaker] Juming, Jiang:1
[Co-author] Tanaka, Ayumi:1
1:Doshisha University (Japan)

This study examined and compared the effects of university students' perceptions of autonomy support from political instructors in China and that from teaching assistants in Japan. Self-determination theory was used to derive a model in which autonomy support predicted the satisfaction of three core psychological needs, which in turn led to well-being at school and academic un-procrastination. Additionally, a multiple-group latent difference score model analysis was conducted using structural equation modeling, to evaluate the long-term effects of autonomy support. University students in both China and Japan completed measures of autonomy support, well-being, and un-procrastination on two occasions. Results showed that in both China and Japan, autonomy support was related to well-being and un-procrastination, but only in Japan did need satisfaction mediate the effect of autonomy support. However, while autonomy support, well-being, and un-procrastination showed no significant change in China after two months, all factors showed a significant reduction in Japan.
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