Development of the KIT version of the PERMA-Profiler (2): results of item analysis

[Speaker] Matsumoto, Kei:1
[Co-author] Shiotani, Toru:1, Matsumoto, Kaori:1, Yamakami, Fumino:1, Ooya, Sumiko:1, Ishimaru, Masaki:1, Muraoka, Tomoko:1, Kagami, Tomomitsu:1
1:Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Japan)

To evaluate college students' well-being multi-dimensionally, we adapted the PERMA-Profiler (Butler & Kern, 2015) into Japanese, and added three original items. The KIT (Kanazawa Institute of Technology) version of the PERMA-Profiler was administered to 1332 college students. Evaluating based on "reliability" showed that measurement to be applicable to Japanese in all the domains as a scale of measure (Shiotani et al., 2015). However, the analysis on the item level was insufficient. The present report shows the item-total correlations in all domains of the measure. Almost all items of all domains except "Relationship" had moderately acceptable values (r = .32 - .60). All three items included in "Relationship" showed relatively low values (r = .29 - .34). We will discuss the results from the cultural point of view and adaptability to the Japanese population.
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