The relationship between the feelings after procrastination and personalities

[Speaker] Kurozumi, Ryo:1
1:Gakushuin University (Japan)

Many people do procrastination, but there are two kinds of feeling after procrastination; one experience negative feeling, the other experience positive feeling. To explore the way to reduce negative feelings after procrastination, the relationship between the feelings and some personalities was examined. Eighty seven Japanese university students were assigned to a questionnaire including some subscales (depression, trait anxiety, optimism, pessimism, their own procrastination behavior).
Confirmatory factor analysis revealed that there were two feelings following procrastination: negative one (α = .849) and positive one (α = .811). It was showed that negative feeling correlated with pessimism (r = .365, p < .05), and positive feeling correlated with optimism (r = .219, p < .05). These results implied that having a good expectation reduced negative influence of procrastination and also promoted positive influence of it.
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