The regional characteristics of psychological vital sign (PVS © Mie-chuo MC) of nursing and midwifery students in National Hospital Organization (NHO).

[Speaker] Naruse, Yoshie:1
[Co-author] Takeoka, Yoshinobu:1, Sewake, Ryo:1, Aoki, Tomomi:1, Kaneda, Hitomi:1, Oriyama, Hisae:1, Nonokawa, Youko:2, Miura, Miwako:3, Takemori, Yachiyo:4, Nishide, Kumi:5, Oono, Miho:6, Murai, Noriko:7, Ando, Keiko:8, Kawai, Masatoshi:9, Tanaka, Shigeki:1, Yamamoto, Hatsumi:1
1:Mie chuo Medical Center (Japan), 2:School of Nursing and Midwifery, Kyoto Medical Center (Japan), 3:Nursing School of Shizuoka Medical Center (Japan), 4:Okayama Nursing and Midwifery School, Okayama Medical Center (Japan), 5:Yokohama Nursing School, Yokohama Medical Center (Japan), 6:Ooita-chuo Nursing School, Beppu Medical Center (Japan), 7:Nursing School of Osaka Minami, Osaka Minami Medical Center (Japan), 8:Zentsuji Nursing School, Shikoku Medical Center for Children and adults (Japan), 9:Clinical Developmental Psychology Institute for Education, Mukogawa Women's University (Japan)

The self- recovering power from the various mental stress is prescribed by the interaction of resources, such as personal psychological characteristics and stress tolerance. This research investigated the variations of psychological vital sign (PVS © Mie-chuo MC) of 500 students in 7 nursing and midwifery schools using the Japanese version of Profile of Mood State (POMS), Stress Self-Regulation Inventory (SSI), Monitor-Blunter Style Scale (MBSS) questionnaires, and stress degree.
The regional difference of PVS © of students in 7 nursing and midwifery school was statistically confirmed. Based on these results, we tentatively determined the standard boundary of PVS © value of the students in these schools, because the dynamic measurement of PVS © is useful to estimate the individual mental condition of students.
Our future subject is to design and to check feasibility of the automatic self-check system of PVS © Mie-chuo MC. (Supported by NHO Network Joint Research no. H27-NHO(Multi-Joint)-01)
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