Effect of praise on praiser

[Speaker] Kyousuke, Kakinuma:1
[Co-author] Tanaka, Ayumi:1
1:Doshisha university (Japan)

Studies have demonstrated that praise influences an individual's achievement motivation. In these studies, after failure, an individual praised for ability displayed less task persistence and task enjoyment than an individual praised for effort. Moreover, this effect was mediated by achievement goal and implicit theory. We propose that praise may influence not only the praised individual but also the praiser. In this experiment, we examined how praise effected a praiser's achievement motivation. We randomly assigned 77 college students to three conditions (ability praise, effort praise, and no praise). They engaged in matrices tasks with a confederate, and then the subjects of two conditions (ability praise and effort praise) praised the confederate. Next, we measured achievement goal, implicit theory, and motivation (task persistence, intrinsic motivation, and eye fixations on matrices task). The results showed that praise influenced the praiser's motivation. Furthermore, this effect was related to achievement goal and implicit theory.
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