Relationship Between Academic Demands and Academic Self-Efficacy Among Freshmen and Sophomore Students of Philippine Normal University

[Speaker] Condeza, Jean Lois F:1
[Co-author] Caspe, Dezza C:1, Lugo, John Mark C:1
1:Philippine Normal University (Philippines)

In preparation for K-12, Philippine Normal University pioneered a curriculum in the Philippines known as the Outcomes-based Teacher Education Curriculum (OBTEC). The changes in the said curriculum intensified the academic demands for the students. This research examined the academic self-efficacy of students under outcomes-based curriculum using the College Academic Self-efficacy Scale by Owen and Froman (1988). The respondents were 300 students composed of freshmen and sophomores of Philippine Normal University. This study affirmed that students under OBTEC have a low academic self-efficacy.

Keywords: academic self-efficacy, academic demands, OBTEC
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