[Speaker] Malkin, Valerii:1
[Co-author] Rogaleva, Liudmila:1
1:Ural Federal University (Russia)

The formation of stabilizing personal of the sportsman are very important for achievement sport result. Mental training use for decision of this task. The lack of mental training consists that one include in process regulation in the more degree mechanisms of a physiological level. Psychoforming training is directed on inclusion to process regulation mechanisms of a psychological level: system motivational, emotional, purpose sets.
For realization this task it was used special psychotechnology. The first stage was directed on formation "govern set". The psychological background are concentration-calm-confidence in myself. The second stage was directed on formation system of sets. For it was used show performance, self-belief, self-order, self-analysis. The psychological background: that J want, that J can; that J must to do, that J want become, J can means. The third stage formation the personal purpose program As the result one could see high effectivenes of psychoforming training.
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