The effect of intergroup status among junior high school students on school adjustment, mediated by Social Dominance Orientation

[Speaker] Mizuno, Kumpei:1
1:Hokkaido University Graduate School of Education (Japan)

Recently, in Japan, the phenomenon called "School Caste" is getting attention. High status groups behave dominantly in the classroom and they adjust to school more than others. This study looks into the relationships between intergroup status, Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) and school adjustment, focusing on dominantly behavior of high status group. Hence,the goal of this study is to investigate the effect of intergroup status in classroom on school adjustment, mediated by SDO. It was revealed that intergroup status positively affected Group-Based-Dominance (GDB) --which is subordinate conception of SDO-- and school adjustment, while the status affected Oppression-to-Equality (OEQ) negatively, which is subordinate conception of SDO. Moreover, gender difference was revealed; among male students, intergroup status had negative effect on OEQ and positive effect on school adjustment. However, in female students, intergroup status had positive effect on GBD, while nonsignificant effect on school adjustment.
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