Relation of Personality Disorders and Crime among the Prisoners of Mashhad Jail

[Speaker] Tahernia, Taha:1
[Co-author] Porghove, Masoud:2
1:Social Security Organization (Iran), 2:Mashhad Central Prison (Iran)

Introduction: The purpose of the current research is to study the relation of personality disorders and crime among the prisoners of Mashhad Jail.
Methods: This study is of a descriptive-survey and correlation type which has been conducted on 136 prisoners of Mashhad Jail.
MCMI-III Questionnaire has been used for assessment of personality characteristics of the participants. The data obtained has been analyzed by the method of descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as Pearson Correlation Test.
Results: The findings of the current research showed that there is a meaningful relation between personality disorders components in MCMI-III and crime.
Conclusion: The result of the research indicated that more than half of the prisoners suffered from a type of personality disorders. The prevalence of the personality disorder of the prisoners needs extensive investigation and preventive measures by the judicial authorities, guards and medical officials.

Keywords: Personality Disorders; MCMI-III Questionnaire; Jail; Crime
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