Self-interest and belief in reciprocity: the moderating role of emotion regulation

[Speaker] Koo, Hyunjin:1
[Co-author] Jung, Yeseul:1, Hong, Minsung:1, Park, Yonguk:1, Sohn, Young Woo:1
1:Yonsei University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

This study examines a model of emotion regulation as a moderator of the relationship between self-interest and belief in reciprocity. We conducted an online study (N = 367) using the Self-Interest scale (SI), the Personal Norm of Reciprocity questionnaires (PNR) and the Emotion Regulation scale of the Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale (WLEIS). The moderation analysis showed significant main effects and interaction effect of self-interest and emotion regulation on belief in reciprocity. To specify, emotion regulation strengthened the positive effect of self-interest on belief in reciprocity. The result is in accordance with the previous findings in that people act on reciprocal behaviors in pursuit of one's own interest. In addition, this study is the first to shed light on the role of emotion-regulation knowledge, which plays an important part in achieving goals by adequately adjusting one's emotions in particular contexts, on the link between self-interest and reciprocity.
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