Construction of two dimensional sense of self scale

[Speaker] Sekimori, Masumi:1
[Co-author] Okamoto, Takuya:1, Hasegawa, Koji:1
1:Shinshu university (Japan)

Prior researches had examined the sense of authenticity promoted one's mental health. We predicted that the pattern of relationship between a sense of authenticity and well-being would be different according to the quality of a sense of self that people have. The purposes of this study were to construct the two dimensional sense of self scale. That scale measures independent - interdependent sense of self. 257 undergraduates participated in our research that examined relations between the two dimensional sense of self and some scales of related variables. The result indicated that the independent sense of self was positively correlated with the sense of authenticity, self-esteem, independent self-construal, and private self-consciousness. On the other hand, the interdependent sense of self was positively correlated with self-esteem, the interdependent self-construal, public and private self-consciousness. These results suggest that this scale has a construct validity. The implications and limitations of the findings are discussed.
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