Chinese Undergraduates' Narrates Characteristic and Its Connection With the Development of Self-identity

[Speaker] Chen, Yongling:1
[Co-author] Li, Lihong:2
1:Corvnius University of Budapest (Hungary), 2:Northeast Normal University Faculty of Education (China (People's Republic of China))

This study randomly chose 59 Chinese undergraduates(aged 17-27years old)from Northeast Normal University.The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between their narrative construction and self-identity status. The results showed that Chinese undergraduates had a lower level self-identity. Individuals with self -identity achievement status had the highest narrative meaning construction level. In addition ,there was a significant difference of narrative meaning making level between female and male,female's meaning making level was higher than male's.And achievement events were the major narrative events of individuals with the status of achievement, moratorium and foreclosure,while relationship events were the major narrative events for individuals with achievement-foreclosure status. Family members were the most important significant others for all type of self-identity status. Only individuals with the achievement and achievement-foreclosure self-identity status had reported long-term plans for their lives.
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