Toward the decoding of shapes during visual mental imagery and perception with early visual cortex

[Speaker] Fan, Junwei:1
[Co-author] Shigemasu, Hiroaki:2, Touyama, Hideaki:1
1:Toyama Prefectural University (Japan), 2:Kochi University of Technology (Japan)

In recent years, human brain activities in visual perception were used to decode the perceived images, such as characters or human faces. Although the decoding of shapes during visual mental imagery is considered as a useful technique for creating and searching desired images, such a technique has not been realized yet.
In this study, with 9 volunteers, we measured their brain activities by using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) during two conditions: visual imagery and perception of 8 different shapes. We focused on the difference between the brain activation patterns in early visual cortex during two conditions.
We performed the comparison between the most different two shapes. The different brain activation patterns were found in fMRI data.
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