Resilience as resource for creativity in teaching students of humanitarian specialties of Kazakhstan and Bulgaria (comparative analysis)

[Speaker] Mynbayeva, Aigerim:1
[Co-author] Miteva, Pepa:2
1:Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan), 2:Burgas Free University (Bulgaria)

The research objective was to perform diagnostics of resilience as a personal characteristic of students of humanitarian specialties of universities of Bulgaria and Kazakhstan, to master coping-strategies of stress management and creativity technologies.
The test of resilience, that is S.Maddi's technique as adapted by D.Leontyev was used. 66 students of Burgas Free University and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University took part in the research (33 from Bulgaria and 33 from Kazakhstan).
Results: the indicator of resilience, "hardiness" of the personality in the Bulgarian students exceeds the norm, and the average value is 89,52 (the norm is 80,72) of the total score or 51%. In the Kazakhstani students the above indicator is close to that of the Bulgarian students - 85,76 or 49%. High resilience level is related to imagination and creativity in habitual conditions (Leontyev D.A., Rasskazova E.I., 2006).
Trainings on mastering methods of art therapy were designed and carried out.
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