Feelings during past contact with infants and present interest in infants

[Speaker] Ougihara, Takashi:1
1:Doctoral Course, The United Graduate School of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University (Japan)

Influences of past experience of having contact with infants and feelings experienced on such occasions on current interest in infants were investigated. Japanese university students (N = 355) completed a questionnaire consisting of three scales: Experience of Contact with Infants Scale, Feelings when Having Contact with Infants Scale, and Interest in Infants Scale. Results indicated that the model linking contact with infants with interest in infants was partially mediated by feelings that were experienced when having contact with infants. However, fit indices indicated that the model did not fit the date. Therefore, regression analyses were used to examine the model instead of SEM. This indicated that the degree of interest in infants was influenced by past experiences of having frequent contact with infants. Especially, people that experienced "Pleasant feelings" when having contact with infants had a stronger interest.
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