Exploring elements of disaster prevention consciousness: Based on interviews with disaster prevention professionals

[Speaker] Shimazaki, Kan:1
[Co-author] Ozeki, Miki:2, Yi, Taiyoung:1, Usuda, Yuichiro:1
1:National research institute of earth science and disaster prevention (Japan), 2:Tokoyo international university (Japan)

Many educational activities and disaster drills are performed for the purpose of developing disaster prevention consciousness. It is necessary to develop a standardized psychological scale to measure disaster prevention consciousness; this would help evaluate effect of activities that improve disaster prevention consciousness. A qualitative study using a constructivist grounded theory approach was conducted; first, elements of disaster prevention consciousness were explored through interviews with disaster prevention professionals. A total of ten male disaster prevention professionals were interviewed for an hour. They responded to five questions on the characteristics and behaviors of a person who seemed to possess high disaster prevention consciousness. The study yielded ten elements: "risk avoidance," "personality," "trend of thoughts," "gathering of information," "experience," "individual circumstances," "personal attributes," "conducting disaster countermeasures," "interpersonal interaction," and "commitment to residential area.."
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