Mapping of combinations of spatial attributes to responses

[Speaker] Fujii, Yumiko:1
[Co-author] Morita, Hiromi:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

In the human visual system, different attributes are processed separately and then integrated to elicit a specific response. In the cerebral visual cortex, the visual identification attributes and spatial attributes of objects are processed via different pathways. We investigated how these attributes are combined with each other and associated with responses by conducting stimulus-response mapping experiments. In our previous experiment, participants learned how to map eight items to four response keys. Items were made by combining one of two values in shape, color, and texture attributes. In the present study, we adopted color, motion, and location attributes in place of shape, color, and texture attributes. The result was that the mapping of the combinations of the attributes to the responses was more difficult to learn than that in the previous experiment. This suggests that integration of spatial attributes for association with responses is more difficult than that of identification attributes.
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