Does self-reference effect occur for subliminally self-referenced items?

[Speaker] Yaoi, Ken:1
[Co-author] Osaka, Mariko:2, Osaka, Naoyuki:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan), 2:Osaka University (Japan)

Self-reference effect (SRE) is defined as better recall or recognition performance when the memorized materials refer to the self. For example, when participants have judged how well some words describe themselves, they recall or recognize the words well, compared to that when using the words to judge others. Recently, some researchers indicated that the SRE also occurred for the implicit self-referenced items, but there were few studies that investigated the effect of subliminally-presented self-related stimuli. In this study, we presented self-related (e.g. their own name) or other-related stimulus subliminally and subsequent trait adjectives supraliminally to participants. We report the result of recognition performance for those items and whether or not the SRE occurs for the subliminally self-referenced items.
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