Warmth and Coolness of Colors in Color-Vision Deficient Observers

[Speaker] Sato, Keiko:1
1:Kagawa University (Japan)

Some reddish colors appear de-saturated and brownish for color-vision deficient (CVD) observers with red-green color deficiency. In this study, warmth and coolness of colors and its color naming were compared between normal trichromat (NT) observers and CVD deuteranomalous and protanomalous observers, and the difference between NT and CVD observers in terms of cone-contrast in human color vision was analyzed. In this experiment, 32 color stimuli were sampled from the BCP (Berkeley Color Project), and seven CVD and 12 NT subjects performed two tasks. In the color naming task, they selected one color category from the 11 basic color terms. In the evaluation task, the same subjects rated warmth and coolness of colors. Overall, findings in the present study could help us better understand color naming and affective color meanings in CVD observers based on the cardinal channels of color vision.
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