Navon letters processing affects cognitive style task performance

[Speaker] Hakoda, Yuji:1
[Co-author] Song, Yongning:2
1:Kyoto Women's University (Japan), 2:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Previous study on the relationship between global-local visual biases and performance on the embedded figure test revealed that the degree of field dependence was linearly related to global precedence of global/local task (Poirel, Pineau, Jobard, & Mellet, 2008). Furthermore, previous study suggests that global/local precedence can be controlled by adapting to process the local/global letter of Navon stimuli (e.g., Lewis, Seeley, & Miles, 2009; Macrae & Lewis, 2002). This experiment investigated whether the processing of local/global letters of Navon stimuli affected cognitive style task performance as tested by the Rod-Flame test. We found that the processing of local and global letter asymmetrically affected the performance on the Rod-Flame test. We discussed about state-trait distinction of cognitive style.
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