List-like presentation of remember- and forget-items in a same trial effectively demonstrates directed forgetting in rats

[Speaker] Tanaka, Chiaki:1
[Co-author] Taniuchi, Tohru:1
1:Kanazawa University (Japan)

An 8-arm radial maze in which a food cup was set in the middle and at the end of each arm was used. Win or lose a food pellet in the middle cups gave information to be tested later and two qualitatively different foods at the end cups served as remember- or forget-cues. Rats were presented one lose-R arm, two lose-F arms, and five win-R arms in the learning phase. In the following test phase, the two lose-F arms were excluded from testing by closing doors and 20 pellets were given in the lose-R arm. In a probe test trial, a lose-F arm was presented instead of a lose-R arm in the test phase. Rats showed significantly poorer performance in the probe trial than in the normal trial. Presenting remember- and forget-items in a same trial was proven to be effective to study directed forgetting in rats.
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